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Irrigation Evaluation, Repair & Modification

Evaluation or diagnostic of your landscape irrigation system should be done at least three times a year. Grow It Land Designs experience to thoroughly check your, Micro-irrigation System, Spray Irrigation System, Rotary Sprinkler, Flood Systems flow rate, head to head loss, distribution efficiency, surface drainage or many other factors is all you need to receive a professional evaluation.

Irrigation systems will experience wear and tear from time to time causing broken pipes, valves, heads, wires, controls, nipples, diaphragms, etc. For example, a small pebble can easily clog a diaphragm causing major leakage. Grow It Land designs will find potential problems, use the proper equipment and experience to make all the necessary repairs for all irrigation systems.

Modifications to your irrigation system is sometimes necessary when changing the look of your garden or the plant material has simply out grown the irrigation system. Grow It Land Designs is fully prepared at every job site to make the necessary adjustments and/or modifications to your system.

Irrigation Installation

When we install your irrigation system; we determine how many stations your system will need based on the size of the yard, the type of grass and plants you’re irrigating. We then determine the amount of water pressure the valve is able to produce. Once the dimensions and water pressure is assessed, the installation can begin. We dig trenches in straight lines a minimum of 12″ below grade and install PCV piping which connects to valves and the double check. Each station can hold up to ten irrigation heads and needs a control valve which is installed in the same vicinity of that station. Normally a lot has one double check (or main valve). That double check can hold up to ten stations. Each station is set on a timer to turn on and off at your discretion (and no two stations can be active at the same time). Rain sensors may be added to disengage your system during storms.

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