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First we determine the source

1. Why is there so much water in one spot?

2. Where is the water coming from?

3. Is the water run off from a neighboring property?

4. Has there been construction near or on the property recently?

5. Has there been a significant increase in shade on the property?

6. Has the foundation of your house shifted?

7. Is there a main line or lateral leak in the irrigation system?

8. Does the house have sufficient guttering?

9. What will happen if something is not done?

Answering these and other questions with the simple understanding that gravity is the prevailing force in every drainage situation, Grow It Land Designs will identify the source of your drainage issue and provide a cost effective solution.

Every drainage problem has a permanent solution; Grow It Land Designs is fully qualified and capable to improve any drainage situation. Sometimes a drainage issue is severe and the solution may require seemingly drastic steps such as cutting a channel through the drive-way to install a French drain. The answer maybe as simple as tying your gutters downspouts into an underground drain pipe or making an adjustment to the grade of your property with top soil; whatever the solution, drainage is a key factor in the proper maintenance of your property.

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