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Bed Preparation

Bed preparation is one of the most difficult stages of a new garden and is the most important for your plants. If corners are cut, your investment in time, effort and money are wasted. For plants to survive and thrive in the state of Texas special attention to the soil is required; 70% of the plants health is determined by the soil in which they are installed.
To prepare your beds properly we follow these steps:
1. We create the “lines” or outline the bed space.
2. Eliminate turf, weeds and existing soil (where necessary)
3. Separate bed from turf by installing edging (stone, steel or plastic)
4. Till proper landscape mix into existing soil.
Grow It Land Designs will always use the proper landscape mix with all of the amendments necessary to insure a healthy home for your plant material.

Plant & Tree Pricing

Grow It Land Designs landscape projects plant prices include installation and warranty. Shrubs, ground covers, vines, perennials and annuals are warrantied for 90 days. All trees have a one year warranty when care & watering instructions are followed.

Plant Selection

Plant selection is key to the success of your landscape. Shrubs, ground covers, vines, perennials and annuals all add to the color, texture and purpose of your landscape. Plants have many uses and there is a wide variety of plant material available to make your landscape beautiful and functional. By choosing the right plants for our zone and your garden style we can make any area an excellent outdoor space.

Below are some of the plant material we use.
1. Shrubs – cleyera, variegated privit, indian hawthorne, variegated ginger, japanese araila (fatsia), purple fringe, garden hydrangea and gold dust aucuba. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!

2. Ground Covers – jasmine, big blue liriope, mondo grass, aztec grass, fern, lantana and english ivy. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!

3. Vines – honeysuckle, periwinkle, virginia creeper, coral vine, cross vine and bougainvillea. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!

4. Perennials – Texas gold columbine, astilbe, coneflower, day lily, hosta, salvia, sage and rudebekkia. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!

5. Annuals – begonia, vinca, pansy, petunia, impatiens, geranium, salvia, coleus and croton. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!

Tree Selection

Redbud Tree Photo

Trees make a world of difference; They provide a beautiful image, help with erosion control, provide habitat for wildlife and some provide enough shade that when planted in the right location can reduce the temperature inside a house and help to lower energy cost.

Trees can help to increase your property value and dress up the entire neighborhood. They also clean up the air we breathe by reducing dust, pollen, and converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

There are many trees available in a variety of native and adapted species suitable to the soils and climate of North Texas. If you are looking for a small ornamental, medium grower or large shade tree, Grow It Land Designs will plant, transplant and install any size tree.


To keep your property looking great all year long we provide a custom seasonal color change program as well as seasonal clean ups and mulching.

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